Mooning over Lana Del Rey


If  you call yourself a lover of music and art, and have not heard of Lana Del Rey’s “Honeymoon” then you have not been touched by the piece of classic and – it’s that touching and heart warming.

The song starts with lines:

We both know that it’s not fashionable to love me

But you don’t go cause truly there’s nobody for you but me

Those lines are sung so passionately by a Beloved who understands that her Lover is everything to her, and she is everything to Him.
One can find the words such as “history of violence”, “I’m not scared”, shows that the Beloved is aware of the troubled past, a life that could have been a shipwreck when she lived with him.

She compares his eyes with violets and connote fire with passion. Yet she honey coats her irony when she says “Every man in town had neither fought you nor found you. Everything you do is elusive.”

This beloved of course misses her old times with her husband and remembers her “honeymoon”, ending her song with lines “Dreaming away your life…”

Somehow you don’t want the song to end. The listener never gets to know whether the Beloved actually met her troubled Lover, whether they lived ever happily after, or is she left in here weary condition to weep in her husband’s memories.

Nothing is more cinematic and more dramatic than Lana Del Rey’ s voice floating with the pieces of musical instruments . Her voice rings in your ears like a haunting melody and takes you to a supernatural escapade of melancholy.







“Oh Woman! How great thou art”

untitled ‘Mother India’ a film that took Indian Cinema to its international fame of glory with its Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film (1957). So what special features did the movie boast about? The story of a poor woman who raises her two sons without her husband in rural India, overcoming all hardships and poverty. But sorry, I am not here to discuss Indian Cinema. I am here to discuss “woman”  in India and elsewhere.

If we look back to what we Indians were, before and after Independence, I will not lie but we have come this far and have succeeded in uprooting many of the illogical and vague beliefs and superstitions. But to what extent? The above picture of ‘Mother India’ portrays a Woman, a Mother,  carrying that heavy plough all by herself. You and me can have two views regarding this; first, that how brave this woman is, irrespective of her physique, her health. Second, how cruel is this world! A woman who is uneducated and is a widower has to do things all by herself.

Sometimes it is advised not to overthink, unless we think for the beneficial of that miserable being. Well, its 2017 now and women in India are educated, career focused, independent and also Head of the Family. So why does the scale of women activeness in India is still considered poor? Perhaps its patriarchal system that has been going on since centuries.

A father still bows his head before the groom and his family members. That bowed old man can pay any amount for the cost of the marriage of his daughter. So still in India, women are “bought and sold” in the name of marriage. A middle class family may not give so much for the daughters weddings, so one thinks that killing the girl child in the womb is the best option! After all  sons will bring wealth, and daughters only expenses.

What if the daughter is allowed to live, so what, Sons are sons, the legal heir to the property, the one who will bring maid, oh sorry! bride in the house, the one that will charge money from the woman’s family and treated as a King in the in-laws house. At least the household will get a maid sort of person to manage the cooking and the kids, and mind you, the girl should not be so educated or plus point if she is unemployed. The comes the role of In-laws, the husband is allowed to hit his wife, rape her, verbally accuse her or even burn her to death, but if the woman implies the same to the husband, she is not only divorced but is subject of shame and mockery to her family. Yes to her own family, cause her parents refuse to take her back to the house. Even worse, disown her.

Women’s Day is over, but Women’s Issues aren’t. I don’t know when this gender disparity will end. I don’t know when the families of the girls will begin to take them seriously. I don’t know when the husbands’ family will respect them equally or not. It all depends upon the mind of the Humans, how sick it can get to how naïve it bees. But I want to tell all my fellow readers that empower your girls, your girlfriends, your daughters, sisters, mothers, tell them they have that potentiality that no one has. That one doesn’t need to look down when a man stares you, you just need to stare back, harder. Why to look down as if you are in guilt of the crime that you haven’t done? Take charge of your life, you don’t need to depend on a Man to live your life, he himself depends on a woman for his food and cleanings. You don’t have to say “yes” every time you are forced upon. You don’t have to wait for his thrashings, rise and hand him over the divorce papers and give yourself what you really deserve!

Happy Women’s Day (every day is your day 🙂 )



IMG_20170207_122909.jpg There’s this time post Winter and before Summer called the season of “Spring” ; a time when we get to see some unusual, but pretty awesome little activities that takes place in the lap of Mother Nature. The old leaves begin to shed their leaves from October onwards but even after Winter, the trees go naked for the baby leaves to sprout up. Brothers ‘February’  and ‘March’  begin to make way for their sister ‘April’ and the season that she bears ‘Spring’ . Spring is also believed to be the Goddess who celebrates the turning of the wheel of the year as the death and decay of Winter gives way to a time of renewal and rebirth.

Spring adds totally new and fresh glow to the soul of the nature. The young leaves look all shiny and green with the branches and twigs all ready for the flowers to bloom. Hundreds of flowers with thousands of species bloom in the season of Spring, as if preparing the Virgin Earth for her June wedding! The best part of Spring bees the way we Indians celebrate it!


Leave about rites and rituals and customs or traditions, Indians irrespective of their religion, have a hearty bath in colors, with surety that everybody on that particular festival, of that particular colony is bathed in colors! Ya we do not leave the strangers too. :p


It is a New Year celebration for the Parsis when they organize the Thanksgiving ceremonies. they decorate their houses and flowers and garlands and make artistic rangolis. Not to forget, they also fill their dining tables with lavish delicacies.

Magh Bihu

A festival celebrated in Assam, marking the end of harvesting season. It bees a week long celebration with bonfires and traditional games like bull fighting and ‘tekeli bhonga’ (pot breaking). They also make ‘Meji’ making of huts wid bamboos and prepare cakes of rice called ‘Shunga Pitha’ or ‘Til Pitha and other coconut sweets called ‘Laru’.


Biggest harvest festival in the state of Punjab, celebrated with bonfires and gathering of people to pay homage for their harvest. Exuberant fairs in villages with people adorned in bright colors perform traditional dances ‘Bhangra’ and ‘Giddah’.


Considered as the main festival of Christians as they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with Sunday prayer services and gatherings. People buy ‘Easter Eggs’ for their children marking the ‘new way’ of life from sin and despair. Easter is usually celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon following the Vernal or Spring Equinox on March 21st.

Feast of Passover

A Jewish festival that commemorates the liberation of Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Jews observe the festival for more than eight days, in communal worships and ritual practices. They eat Passover Seder, unleavened bread, lamb, Sephardi and Ashkenazi foods. The Jewish community, till date, maintains the traditional method of consuming food with all the century-old preparations, the fact that makes the festival more interesting.

Happy Spring!!!




sunday again

Its Sunday and I woke up late again. The result of that is (especially in homes, and especially for girls) that parents will give you silent treatment- by showing eyes, not talking to you properly, talking in low keys behind your back, and leaving you to eat alone the breakfast with “we don’t do breakfast at 11 and have lunch at 12” attitude. I personally am a loving and warm and a family person. really. Its just that I give to preference to myself more than anybody (ok sometimes I’m self centered too) but who isn’t! I go to college all 6 days a week, getting up at 6 and heading to university only to come back at 5pm all tired and weary. And its a ritual in every Indian home that kids (you are a kid till your parents don’t marry you off) have to study till 11 or even till 12 am and only then retire to bed. So getting up on Sundays to attend 6 am mass at Church is what my parents want. But you know what, Jesus wants me to sleep in peace and get up whenever my sleep breaks. Your parents wont get it, but God gets it. He understands that your body too needs ample rest. Rightly said and I quote: “Sabbath was made for Man, and not Man for Sabbath.”

So I don’t go for mass out of laziness its all my fault, but its not that that I’ve become a devil’s child or something! Be open minded. If not a morning mass then an evening mass is better. But in no way Christ is offended. Parents I’m praying for you too. Amen.

“One cannot change while attending Sunday masses, mom! “

India is country where life begins with sacraments and ends with sacraments, also the deceased’s remembrance is piled up in sacraments. In a country where more than 10 religions are practiced, and more than 100 gods are worshipped, parents occupy the second position after gods and before girlfriends.

On Saturday nights when guys and girls of my age head for clubbings, I have to head to my room to sleep early so that I can get up at 6 a.m. in the morning to attend Sunday Mass. Oh! The smile on my mom’s lips when she sees her obedient daughter doing exactly what her mom wants!

But I desperately want to make her understand that just to make parents happy, us girls n guys cannot keep up with the “obedient son/daughter” drama. Don’t we have our own lives???

My mom being a staunch Christian literally drags me to Sunday services, and the day I don’t go to church, angry glances follow me all throughout the house. It’s not about going or not going for prayer service, it’s all about your faith and your situatiand What am I suppose to tell God sitting in His own House? Of course I cannot blame God for the problems and the situations that I’m going through which is indirectly “His plans” for me! Blaming God that too in His own Cathedral doesn’t sound good right, so it’s better to sit at home and deal with your problems alone.

God won’t get angry if you choose to come or not come to church, God is suppose to be everywhere right? So question about going for mass and not going doesn’t exist at all. Rules and regulations were made by Men for Men and NOT by God. Remember it.

And by making these regulations Men instill fear in people, especially among moms 😉 Remember there were no churches when people went for wars or in deserts or died in waters, but yes there was God with them, in them, tight in their hearts. My catechism classes taught me that Heaven and Hell exists, and that after death our souls will be positioned according to our deeds on this earth. But what I believe is that Heaven and Hell exists not after death, but right here, in living people. One can make Heaven in a war, when he/she helps one another. And one can create Hell, when he/she uses church’s donation for selfish purposes. Wearing a white clad robe and attending prayer services does not justify what’s going on in your mind. Likewise dressed in jeans and tattooing doesn’t justify a woman’s or man’s character. 

Follow your heart people, but don’t become selfish by caging your heart just for yourself. I still don’t understand how ‘listening to your heart and listening to your mind’ works, but I do understand how seeing a situation and acting with your brains can work.

Signing off. It’s Saturday night. Enjoy the night. Don’t pray but say thanks to your God. Get up late cause tomorrow is Sunday. Keep your mom happy n get up early for morning prayer service (those of you can)  🙂

The idea that can change your life!

It wasn’t until I met this journalist who launched a book recently in India and is an enthusiastic reporter of a well known newspaper of the country, told the students of journalism that by creating your own blog you will move one step ahead in pursuing your dream. Mother of the two children, she spoke to us about the hard times that can come our way as female journalists, but let the light of passion lead you where it wants you to go, and where you have always dreamt of going.

So here I have created my blog at 1:50am in my room with my roommates sleeping in peace and probably cursing me for keeping the light on, yeah I wear glasses and I can’t work with light out.

To everyone out there, keep your dreams going, give your dream a name,call it passion! Passion lacks any benefit if you don’t put an effort, effort in turn demands hard work and that my friend can be achieved only when you spit your fear and lift your lazy ass off the couch!


Alisha 🙂